Rainbow Village Connections

Building Bridges to Understanding

Lois Toni McClendon

Earth Mother for Peace

Making Deep ConnectionsThrough Creativity

I Walk the Beauty Way Leading with My Heart

My Ancestors

I give thanks for the blessing of my ancestors on whose shoulders I stand. They can see further sitting down than I ever could standing.

I am because they are; and because they are, therefore, I am.

Storyteller in the African American Oral Tradition

Lois Toni McClendon claimed her birthright as a Storyteller during the Celebration of Reading at the Homewood Branch of the Carnegie Library of Pittsburgh. She had been doing storytelling for years beginning in 1994 when she was deemed the "Keeper of the Culture at the Dolores Howze Treatment Center of the House of the Crossroads (Ile Elegba). Rainbow Village Productions was born in 2010 when Toni expanded her creative side and joined InterPlay Pittsburgh as a Certified Leader. She has been performing with Abafasi (Many Wimmin) drumming and performance group since 2012. Adding Certified Trainer for Creating A Culture of Peace to her repertoire, Lois Toni McClendon uses Rainbow Village Connections to build bridges to Understanding for peace and social justice.

Culture & Activism

Lois Toni McClendon has been a peace and social activist for over 30 years. She brings people together through culture, creativity and spirituality. Her motto is "Building Bridges to Understanding." She believes strongly in the African principle of Sankofa - using the lessons of the past to constructively build for the future.